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[Soha-dong Gobang] Homemade brown rice that is more healthy and delicious without frying

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يتم تخزين هذا المنتج في درجة حرارة الغرفة (15 ~ 25 درجة مئوية). بعد الشراء
يوصى بالتخزين في مكان جاف وبارد
تجنب أشعة الشمس المباشرة ودرجات الحرارة المرتفعة والرطوبة في الشتاء ، والتبريد في الصيف
يرجى استهلاك المنتج المفتوح في أسرع وقت ممكن
  نظرًا لطبيعة المنتج ، قد يكون الأمر صعبًا ، لذا يرجى استخدامه بعناية
نصيحة: كيف تأكل أكثر لذيذًا! اخبزها في المقلاة الهوائية على درجة حرارة 150 درجة مئوية لمدة 1-2 دقيقة للاستمتاع بمذاق لذيذ أكثر
نصيحة: إنه أكثر لذة إذا وضعته في السلطة
نصيحة يمكنك وضعها في الحليب أو حليب الصويا وتناولها مثل الحبوب

وصف المنتج
على عكس الحلويات التي يتم طباعتها وتقطيعها في المصنع ، فهي مصنوعة يدويًا ومصنوعة بعناية فائقة ، ولكل منها شكل غير متطابق
تحتوي مجموعة هدايا سانجا من الأرز البني من سوه دونج جوبانج على 3 قطع من الجوز بنكهة التوت البري و 3 قطع من نكهة الزنجبيل المزروعة في بونج دونج

Product Precautions
1. This product is stored at room temperature (15~25℃). After purchase,
it is recommended to store in a dry and cool place such as a utility room,
avoiding direct sunlight and high temperature and humidity in winter, and refrigerate in summer.
2. Please consume the opened product as soon as possible.
3. Due to the nature of the product, it may be hard, so please use it carefully.
TIP How to eat more deliciously! Bake it in the air fryer at 150℃ for 1-2 minutes to enjoy even more delicious.
TIP It is even more delicious if you put it in salad as a topping.
TIP You can put it in milk or soy milk and eat it like cereal.

Product description
Unlike sweets that are printed and cut in a factory, they are handmade and made with great care, each one of which has no identical shape.
Soha-dong Gobang's Brown Rice Sanja Gift Set contains 3 pieces of nut & cranberry flavored Sanja and 3 pieces of Bongdong-grown ginger flavor,
the most popular Soha-dong Gobang's signature items.

Present your sincerity with a gift set for the living in Gobang, Soha-dong
Unlike sweets that are printed and cut in a factory, these are handmade gangjeong made with great care one by one.
There are no cut sections out of the 4 sides, so it looks more neat and makes a great gift.

Soha-dong Gobang Sanja Set is made with Soha-dong Gobang's representative products, Nut & Cranberry Flavor and Ginger Flavor, for ceremonial use.
Unlike regular livestock, it is not fried, so it is healthier.
As it is not a processed product, it can be stored for a longer period of time and can be enjoyed by men and women of all ages.

Ginger-flavored Sanja 129g (43g x 3ea)
Ginger-flavored Sanja made with precious ginger from Bongdong, Wanju, Gyeongsangbuk-do.
It is a popular product not only for those who do not like ginger, but also for those who prefer the scent of ginger,

because it has a subtle yet subtle ginger scent that is not strong enough to be mistaken for the taste of citron.

Nut & Cranberry Flavored Sanja 144g (48g x 3ea)
In consideration of the balance of nutrients, roasted brown rice full of rice eyes and roasted nuts (almonds, pumpkin seeds) are added

to increase absorption, making it perfect for a meal.
We also added sweet and sour cranberries to balance the taste. Enjoy the savory taste of brown rice and the rich sweetness of nuts!

Ginger-flavored Sanja x 3ea + Nut & Cranberry-flavored Sanja x 3ea
It is a product with two boxes tied in a mini eco bag.
An off-white box contains 3 Nut & Cranberry Flavored Sanja, and an indigo-patterned box contains 3 Ginger Flavored Sanja.

*This product includes a dedicated shopping bag.

*After consuming the product, you can use the eco-bag.

Product Details
اسم المنتج [Soha-dong Gobang] Homemade brown rice that is more healthy and delicious without frying
إسم المنتج أرز بني محلي الصنع أكثر صحة ولذيذ بدون قلي
سعر المنتج $38.00
شحن عالمي oversea delivery
طريقة الشحن Parcel Service
رسوم الشحن International Shipping Fee



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