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  • File attachmentTry this. I recommend it.

    After applying the JAYJUN Intensive Shining Mask Sheet , my skin feels shiny and supple.
    I have sensitive skin, so it's a bit difficult to find a mask pack that suits my skin, but suits me well and doesn't cause trouble for me, so I'm using it well. 

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  • File attachmentthe skin glowed all day long

    Are multi-balm popular these days? No, it's already a floating 👍 great item~ But no matter how 👍 a great thing, what's the use if it doesn't suit me? When I sleep, After washing my face, you can use it on 👀eyes👁, nasolabial folds, and neck, but it doesn't suit me to use it on top of makeup like in advertisements or TV💻direct advertisements~ If you do not have smooth skin like glass grain, you can use it over makeup. 😢 And when I applied it to my neck, it was gleaming, so people around me asked me if I was sweating😜😝😛 But the reason I bought it was because it was easy to apply. It's perfect ~ Really, really 💧 Moist and moist 💦 It lasts very well, so it feels like something will spread out when you put it on at night~ I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to manage wrinkles as I get older 👵 wrinkle management is essential~

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  • File attachmentIf you like pearl shadows, I recommend Sweet Cereal 💛

    All 9 colors have pearls, but not too much. It's bright. It has a calming color and a pearly feel that is not burdensome,
    so it is good for daily makeup. It is a palette suitable for warm tones rather than cool tones.
    Spreadability, adhesion, and durability are average, i think. The particle is fine and there is no clumping,
    There is a little bit of dusting.
    The gift shadow brush itself is soft and has moderate elasticity, so it's better than I thought. However, the brush I received had some protruding hairs, which is a pity. 

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  • File attachmentIt's nice to apply it before going to bed!

    I got a lot of neck wrinkles from the wrong posture, so I bought this to see if it would have any effect..! However, the wrinkles did not disappear dramatically, but when I applied them consistently in the morning and evening, I saw the impact of fine lines disappearing!! The scent is mild, and it doesn't feel greasy, so it's nice to apply it before going to bed ♥

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  • File attachmentقريت عنه كثير و شريته من أسابيع

     شكرا كتير على المنتج الرائع

    اشتريته قبل أسابيع و وصلني البكج فيه علبتين  للوجه و لتحت العيون

    الصراحة رائع من أول استعمال حسيت بشرتي أنعم و مع الوقت فتحتلي المناطق الي كنت أركز عليها

    عنجد يوحد اللون و بشرتي دائما أنعم

    صدق المنتجات الكورية دايما فخمة و تعطي نتائج و سعرها روعة

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  • File attachmentpink palette so beutifful!!

    The pink palette is so pretty and I like the color, but the color development is disappointing.

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  • File attachmentSpecial dark

    It smells like real Hershey's chocolate! It's so cute but even smells like chocolate.   I feel good every time I apply it😭

    The color development tends to go well 👍🏻 I knew Etude Shadow is famous, but I thought it would be this good

    Floating marshmallows are a little soft, so I think it's best to apply them first! Then, lightly smear it with dark chocolate and apply my heartbeat on top of it when you want to give it a subtle point. My heart that I have saved is a feeling of chaos.

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  • File attachmentfor skin soothing

    When your facce is red, put it on top and pack it.
    The skins temperature will drop slightly and it will calm down. In severe cases, it is much better to put it in the refrigerator and use it.

    -Individually wrapped.
    It is hygienic and comes in two sheets, so it is perfect before makeup. I like to take only what I need when I travel ( sadly not recently, we couldn't enjoy much:(

    -Square-shaped pad
    It is good for cleaning according to the skin texture. It's thick and it's good to cover the entire cheek, and I like to stretch it out a bit and put only one on the forehead. 

    If it comes as a sheetpack.. Put two on the cheek and one on the nose and one on the chin. Moisturizes and calms the skin.
    I use it on a daily basis because of the mask. I wish it came out as a sheet pack. 

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  • File attachmentone pack a day

    I'm using 1 pack a day, so I use Mediheal products because of their good cost performance, and I buy them often cus they are my favorite pack!
    If you use it while drying your hair before applying makeup in the summer, it will also apply makeup well and it is so good!!!
    The skin tone is also temporarily brightened and feels goods! The sheets of MEDIHEAL products are very good and they are very comfortable. 

    And it contains a lot of essence, so you can apply the rest to your body! @black charcoal mask, the sheet is black and the skin is soothing and nice!!!

    When I use it on dry or dull skin in summer, it has a cooling feeling and my skin is bright and I am using it well!!! 

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  • File attachment👍

    I've been using it for a week and it really fells like it holds the oil-moisture balance well overall!!
    Smells good and spreads well
    Does this feel like it penetrates deeper into the skin than aloe gel?
    It doesn't feel like it's very moisturizing, but it's neat but it feels like it's meticulously replenishing moisture one step at a time.
    I'm satisfied with the calming effect the next day, more like a trouble than any other moisturizing cream 

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  • excellent effect

    I tried Neogen Calming Cica Pad and was very satisfied.

    It has an excellent soothing effect, so when I wipe the pad after washing my face, my skin feels comfortable and stable.

    I used it instead of a toner, and it has a moisturizing effect, so after using it once, I ended up using only the Calming Cica pad.

    I love the calming circa pad

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  • File attachmentsoft and nice

    The make-up type is not thick, and it has pimples, but it erases it really well.
    The all-in-one type has poor cleaning power or is inconvenient to use. It seems to clean and clear the skin irritated by dust and the mask.
    Actually, I use mascara waterproof, and I like it because it erases well. I hope it comes out big size! The cleansing scent is slightly citrus!
    It smells good, it's soft and nice! 

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  • File attachment👍👌♥

    especially like the Watermade Hydrop Mask among the Medieheal brands
    I think this is a normal pack that can be used whenever you feel dryness.
    It seems ti be the most used pack. When you think of a pack, I think it's a really basic it.
    I tend to pack 3-4times a week. As someone with dry skin, I always apply eye cream after the pack.

    I plan to continue using it in the future. Affordable price!!! 

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  • File attachmentfeel so good!

    I think it has the best application among the sun sticks I've used! I use sunscreen for outdoor activities.
    It spreads smoothly not only on the face but also on the arms.
    The whiteness is not too bad~~~~
    Above all, the ingredients are used with confidence for sensitive and combination skin!
    I'm going to spend this summer withe this~!!! 

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  • File attachmentgood!

    Derma pH 4.5, mildly acidic ingredients

     Fast drying & quick drying improvement

     Daily keratin care

    skin texture preparation

    Fresh finish without stickiness

    💡 For those with dry skin, moisture, which may be lacking, can be felt for a longer period of time by layering the several times!

    💡 The product hole is small, so it's good to control the amount, but it's too inconvenient to use the desired amount for a skin pack, 

    so I put it in a separate pumping bottle and use it. 

    It is more convenient when using a skin pack because it is soaked in the cotton pad with just one use!

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  • File attachmentcute product!!!

    It is a cute product with a pink-pink appearance.

    The components of the product are a silicone cap and a tongs pin.

    Silicone caps are heat resistant products.

    Put a cap on when it's cold

    It is a product that can be stored more safely.

    With a structure in which waved heat plates are interlocked with each other

    Minimize hair damage and clean cuticles

    Can be used for shiny hair

    It is called a ceramic coated soleplate.

    It is said to be safer because it has a built-in heating plate.

    The temperature can be easily adjusted from 120-200 degrees.

    It warmed up quickly.

    And the wire rotates 360 degrees

    It is a very convenient structure to use!

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